At Home: Decor on a dime should still center around quality | Drapery Connection

Floor coverings should be neutral colors also. Dark green tile throughout most of the house might seem chic today but not so much in a few years. Wood floors are always in vogue, so that choice is safe. Wall-to-wall carpet is always welcome; here again, select a color that is neutral.

What about window treatments? Well, they are expensive and, though some windows can be left bare, others need to be covered for privacy. What to do? Well, in this case, if the perfect window treatment isn't affordable right today, then some inexpensive covering will need to be purchased. Blinds of all kinds are not pricey and usually can be kept even when the real treatment is added in a year or so.

The main thing is to purchase wisely. Buy quality, buy good style and good design and take as much time as necessary ”years even” to make everything just right.


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