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Decorating the windows of your house might just be the answer to that little missing touch in doing up the interiors. Bindu Gopal Rao finds out more about drapes, blinds and window accessories.
Windows are the main source of light in a room. Doing up your windows with special treatments will give your house a wonderful look. Windows have a lot to do with what the temperature is within your home. Heat enters through a window on a warmer day but goes out on a cold night. Also windows serve to create a personal space blocking outside intrusions. Often windows tend to take a backseat while doing up interiors. But if you pay heed, you will see a quick change for yourself. The exact change will depend on the light source and window size and the fact that it must be practical as well as look good. Matching the colour of the windows with the decor of the room will be a good start. Choose simple treatments for small spaces and more elaborate ones for larger spaces. In this feature let us review some options you can use to give a facelift to your windows.

Curtains and draperies

A big difference can be made with the use of curtains. They are a simple, quick and affordable way to change the look of a room. They give the room a softened effect, reduce the amount of noise and control the sunlight that enters into a room. Ensure that the colours of the curtain match the furniture upholstery for a uniform effect. Curtain length needs to be factored in, as normally the longer ones tend to visually lengthen a window. Also if you use a relatively thinner, netted material you will have a brighter room, while thicker curtains will block light but give more privacy. You can also use colourful beaded strings as curtains for a different look. Draperies are lined curtains. Normal curtains have the same fabric on the front as on the back. Draperies have decorative fabric on the front and fabric lining on the back. The advantage with draperies is that they serve a dual purpose of blocking light when they are drawn and letting light in when they are open. Draperies help bring in elegance and colour and help you establish a style you want to incorporate in your space. Because draperies are typically pleated in appearance, they generally lend a more traditional look to a decorating scheme. Check out newer pleating styles as they offer a more updated look for contemporary interiors. The kind of fabric for a drapery can alter the mood of a space. Velvets and silks can be used in the living room or a study while linen and cotton fabrics can be used in bedrooms and children's rooms for a casual look.

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