a guide to the types of vertical blinds | Drapery Connection

Vertical blinds are often thought of as necessities. They are a way to block out the rays of the sun when they become far to overpowering. Vertical blinds previously were thought of as somewhat of an eyesore. While they did their job fantastically they were not the most attractive thing to look at.

The world of vertical blinds has changed immensely. We now have blinds that function well as well as add style and decor to any room. Vertical blinds today can be a feature of a room rather than something that is hidden and de-emphasized.

In the past, vertical blinds were generally made of metal or wood. These made the blinds light and easy to clean. However, they were not the most attractive feature in the room. Today there are a multitude of materials that vertical blinds can be created from. All of their own unique and individual use as well as features to add style to your rooms.

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