A Guide To Roman Blinds | Drapery Connection

Roman blinds provide a sophisticated and elegant look in any room of your home. Most roman shades are made from fabric, and can come in any size, color, or texture that you desire. By purchasing custom made roman shades you can add a light fabric window treatment to your home, without the use of heavy draperies or messy curtains. Just like other window blinds they can be bought to match the style in your home, or to make a statement in just about any room.


All roman blinds are flat panels of fabric when they are extended all the way down. When they are drawn up however, there are two main and distinctly different shapes of roman blinds. One type of roman shade folds up into a straight horizontal line that does not bulge or hang down in any way.
A teardrop roman blind shape does not lay flat when it is pulled up; instead it forms a looped or teardrop shape with its fabric. This shape of roman blind can provide a softer look, and is more delicate looking that a straight panel roman blind. You may wish to use this style with more wispy and flimsy fabric materials.


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