Fall is an ideal time for home improvements and landscaping | Drapery Connection

According to 20-year professional Lydia Costa, of Lydia Costa Interiors in Seekonk, Mass., fall is also busiest because people want to create a warm feeling in their homes with new textured fabrics for their bedding, window coverings or sofa and chair upholstering.

"Silk-textured fabrics, throws or shawls to drape over chairs and sofas can be the best way to get comfortable on chilly nights," she said.

According to Ms. Santopietro, the trend of designing is mixing different styles to create a "contemporary edge."

"Clients often want to mesh traditional furnishings with contemporary designs or decorate old-style homes with newer furnishings," she said. "Contemporary designs are sleek and involve dramatic colors like reds, browns or blacks, or 'tone-on-tone' styles, which are texture variances of cream and beige on carpeting, fabrics or walls, to add multiple dimensions."

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