Fabric- WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? | Drapery Connection
THE LOOK Known for bold color combos, it usually comes in geometric patterns with blurred edges. It traditionally has natural tones, crisp borders, and organic designs.
HOW IT’S MADE Threads are bundled and dyed before being loom-woven into patterned fabric. Wax motifs are drawn onto fabric that is then dyed and boiled; the wax melts to reveal patterns.
ORGIN Ikat comes from all over the world, including Asia, South America, India, and Russia. Batik often hails from south-east Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia
MATERIAL True hand-woven ikat is often silk; blends of cotton and silk are also typical. Cotton is most common, but any material that can be dyed can be patterned with batik.
COST Hand-woven ikat can be pricey, although machine-woven or screen-printed styles generally
cost less.
Batik-fabrics tend to be less expensive than ikat because the process is not as labor-intensive.-Megan Baker

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