Dress up your windows: Fall trends in colors and styles | Drapery Connection

By Susan Martin

Some tips and trends for choosing the right drapery, shade or valance

Fall often is the time when people realize their window treatments could use a fashion makeover. Daylight hours grow shorter. Temperatures, cooler. Cocooning sets in. Warmth and privacy become priorities. But choosing the right window treatment is not always an open-and-shut case.

All one need do is thumb through a lengthy glossary of window treatment terms to realize that in addition to a daunting display of style choices, there's also a special language. Beginning, really, with the term window treatment.

Then, of course, there are all those important things you need to think about. Like function and budget. But, as in fashion, there are trends to watch for as you begin your search. Panels being just one of them.

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