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When it come to trimming window treatments such details as tiebacks, fringe, braid, and ruffles can turn an ordinary curtain, drapery, or shade into something special.

Tiebacks. Whether made of a matching fabric or some other material, tiebacks neatly hold curtains or draperies off the window. Fabric tiebacks, straight, tapered, or scalloped, visually shape and unify the window treatment; you can dress them up with rosettes or bows, if you like. Use cords and rope, with or without tassels, to tie back formal window treatments; braided fabric tiebacks and shirred fabric on jumbo cord are alternatives to traditional cord or rope. Metal or wood hold backs and medallions elegantly scoop the fabric back from the window.

Usually, tiebacks are placed between a half and a third of the way from the bottom or top of the window. Low tiebacks are generally more formal, high ones more casual. But because their position can affect the amount of light that enters the room, it's a good idea to experiment first with lengths of ribbon tied around the curtain.

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