Don't redecorate simply to be trendy | Drapery Connection

Humor seems to be a big part of the eclectic design picture this year. That flocked wallpaper we loved to hate is hot once again, but this time in bigger and bolder patterns. No more thought of as stuffy, this retro paper pairs up with molded contemporary furniture and bright, spicy colors for a fresh, new look.

You can transfer this decorative element to your own home, suited to a dining room or den as well as the hall. Look for ornamental trims and medallions made from wood, medium-density fiberboard and paintable plastics specifically designed for ceilings at your building center to replace the labor-intensive and high-cost hand-plastered details from the past. Paint will unify the overall pattern. Then highlight with color and gold paint.

Exaggerated shapes and larger-than-life designs with historical references are seen in wallpaper, painted stencils, floor tiles and carpets. These large motifs won't overpower a room if color contrasts are kept to a minimum. Oversize lampshades, chandeliers, tactile velvety draperies and classically shaped furniture are hot items for 2007.


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