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Shelly Castleberry of Padden Interiors

Today, window-shade choices go far beyond the basic vinyl roller shade and into a whole world of existing fashion choices. But before you decide which shade will grace your window, it is important to analyze your needs and understand your options.

The first smart step is only the beginning--consider light control and privacy. Are you looking for daytime control, night-time control, or both? When searching for the perfect window blinds for your home, consider not only the look you want to achieve, but the quality and features of each type of blind that will grace your windows.

If pleated draperies seem too costly, or if swags and cascades are too dramatic for you, there are many alternatives to these fabric-based window coverings. When searching for a straight forward approach to window treatments, practical need not be unimaginative. There are many options for those who prefer a lighter touch.

For example, simple woven-wood shades will compliment any room. Bringing in texture and richness will give your room the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. Woven blinds come in many different colors, textures and patterns, and add a great natural look. They can be comfortably casual to serenely sophisticated. The blinds are made of distinctive organic materials such as rattans, bamboos, grasses and reeds, which are combined to bring a unique, calming sensation to any decor. They tend to compliment wooden flooring as well as tile floors.

A less expensive alternative to the wood look is the wooden slated blinds, available in a very large array of paints and stains. Wooden blinds typically come in 2" and 2 1/2" slat widths. Wood blinds can be used in a contemporary or traditional setting. New on the market is a wood blind that adds a touch of the exotic. Choices include the casual feeling of a 2-inch bamboo wooden blind to distressed woods or sandblasted vanes for a bright contemporary feel.

Another new item on the market is the Pure Grain Finish. This wood blind provides a feel that is reminiscent of fine hand-rubbed furniture. The vanes are natural hardwood with a beautiful grain that becomes more apparent when stained to show off the wood's natural grains. Stain choices include light, medium, black, green and cherry.

Do you have hard to reach windows? Take a look at the remote-controlled tilt system. The tilt system is not only very convenient, it is quiet with a long lasting battery life. The motor is encased within the headrail system and is pre-installed and ready to operate from up to 50 feet away from the window. This system is very affordable, fitting within most anyone's budget. It does not require costly hard wiring for installation, eliminating the need for an electrician. The remote system is not only convenient and budget friendly, it can provide you with a sense of security with its Dusk/Dawn Sensor which can be set to automatically tilt the blind based on morning or evening light conditions. This system is great for giving your home a lived-in look while you are away with a simple flip of a switch.

If you want the look and feel of shutters on your windows, check out the new wood blind that mimics the look of expensive wood shutters. The wood vanes are beveled to create that shutter style look everyone is going for these days. With the look being similar to that of shutters, the unique profile of these wood blinds creates a sense of depth and dimension. The blinds are available in a wide variety of popular paints and stains.

Want to fulfill your needs for visual impact and light control? Try the panel shutters in wood being the high end of the price scale. A more affordable approach is the vinyl shutter. They are very durable and budget friendly, not to mention vinyl shutters are moisture and mildew resistant. They are great for bathrooms and kitchens. Shutters can give a room an airy and open look. The custom louvered shutter panels fit nicely across wide-sliding doors, or on a bay window area. This look provides a calming sense of privacy.

We have a sample collection of real wood blinds as well as simulated wood blinds. These offer an affordable solution for a home's low traffic areas. This economical collection is also moisture proof, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

If you really want a window-top treatment that's the crowning glory of your room's decor, check out the wood cornices. The popularity of cornices has grown enormously over the past few years. There are many design options available and they make a wonderful window-top treatment choice that can work well with any style of shade or blind. The cornices can be manufactured at widths of up to 16 feet without joints or seams. Crown moulding styles are absolutely stunning with the variety of styles, stains, paints or metallic finishes. They can be embellished with trim carvings in contrasting colors, and the best part is that they are easy to install.

Any of the above mentioned treatments can adorn a window as a single element, providing clean lines imparting pared-down simplicity that works with any room's theme or decor. Just as frequently, these treatments are just one part of the total picture of a room's look. Not only can shades, blinds and shutters compliment an existing window treatment, they can also help your rooms achieve that finished look with function, style and beauty as well.

When and if you decided to add layers of curtains, valances, cornices, sways and jabots, your room can have an element of decorating punch.

From consultation through installation, we bring you the ultimate in customer service. We have the industry's most comprehensive styles and choices to choose from. Want a window fashion makeover? Come by our store or give us a call. We would be happy to show you the many options available to help you achieve your needs for a beautiful environment in your home.

Remember, buy only what you love and have fun decorating!


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