Curtains - What Do Yours Say About You? | Drapery Connection

Curtains as window coverings can add a special touch to a room and can also add a measure of privacy. Whatever you end up choosing, a window treatment of curtains can not only add some color or texture to a room, but can sometimes solve problems you may have with a window as well.

There are many types of curtains to choose from. One of the most popular types is the box pleated curtain. These curtains are pre-gathered into pleats at the top of the curtain so that they always have that neat, tailored look. These can be a little more expensive than just a plain curtain, but their extra fullness can add a nice touch to your window treatment.

Another popular type of curtain is a valance. It is a short piece of fabric that only decorates the top fourth of the window. They can come in many colors and patterns, and are usually used along with blinds so that there is still a way to close the window off and still get some privacy.

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