Curtains or Blinds? Choosing the right window treatments | Drapery Connection
Whatever treatment you choose, be sure the colours, textures and materials mesh with your room’s contents.
When addressing how to dress your naked windows, the decision between curtains and blinds can be trickier than you think, say the experts. That’s because selecting an ideal window treatment for a particular room in your home will depend on many variables and personal preference.
All of the top options — curtains, drapes, blinds and shades — are intended to accomplish the same thing: create extra privacy and add a decorative and stylish look to the room. But making the wrong choice can create an esthetic eyesore and functional faux pas. Picking carefully, on the other hand, can help elements in the room harmonize and result in greater satisfaction.
“Using curtains or draperies in a room is usually more of a decorative treatment employed in more traditional settings, unless you choose to cover the windows with full traversing drapes for privacy or light and sound control,” says Brianna Goodwin, CEO of Ver-Tex Shading Solutions in Boston.

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