Curtain Decorating Tips | Drapery Connection

Using a metal tape measure or a wooden yardstick, measure the width of your window from bracket to bracket. For proper fullness, order curtain pair widths that are approximately double the width of your window. For wider windows, order wider width pairs, available in many styles, or order an extra pair of regular width curtains.

Curtain length is measured from the top edge to the bottom edge of the curtain. When the heading (the part above the rod pocket) is not included in the length, we specify in the description of the curtain how many inches to add to the length to account for the heading.

Tab curtain lengths include the tabs unless specified.

The length of the fringe or edging sewn to a curtain or a dust ruffle by our home stitchers must be added to the curtain length or dust ruffle drop length. The fringe length is specified in the description of the curtain.


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