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With the New Year quickly approaching and the holiday decorations coming down, dust and dirt surround us. This makes me think of all the cleaning that I need to do to get ready for 2009. Some of it involves cleaning the office in hopes of a more efficient and productive year. A number involves chores that have gone undone due to family visits for the holiday. The rest I keep telling myself I can do it later. Then I began to wonder how many of my clients really take the time to clean their window treatments.

How many of you know how to clean your blind or shade in a pinch if dirt began to run amok? This week I'm taking the time to make sure that we all start the New Year off shiny and clean. It's a chore, but with the simple time saving tips below, you'll thank me later.

Wood Blinds (horizontal/plantation styles)

In order to keep your wood blinds looking their best, periodically wipe them with a soft cloth, a dusting mitt, or the brush attachment from a vacuum cleaner. You can clean the blind hanging in place. Do not worry about taking it out of the window because there is no need. By tilting the slats down, you'll be able to clean most of the top surface of each slat. Do not use water, solvents or abrasive solutions to clean the blind. This will cause damage.


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