Creating warmth in a city condo | Drapery Connection

ADD CURVESIn the living room, he designed a walnut panel that runs along the ceiling and curves seamlessly down the wall to become the base for the plasma television and audio system. Both the shape and the warm hues of the wood designate the space as the lounging area.
MAKE IT COMFY ” Underfoot, a thick, loopy noodle carpet is a delight visually and to the touch. In contrast with the low table, best accessed when sitting on the carpet, are the large, blue sofas that give the space boundaries. 

LET THERE BE LIGHTThe wall of windows opens the condo up to the outside, keeping it bright and spacious. Because privacy is not an issue, I opted for no window coverings, as I prefer the unobstructed view. But you could introduce more curves here with a shaped valance or swag.

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