Cleaning Vertical Blinds: Important Tips | Drapery Connection

If you have vertical blinds, it is important that you are aware of how to go about cleaning vertical blinds. It is very easy to do it wrong after all, and the last thing that you want is to end up wrecking your vertical blinds because you are not cleaning them properly. When it comes to cleaning vertical blinds, here are a few tips that will come in very handy.

How to do it

When it comes to cleaning vertical blinds, there are a few things that you need to know. It is basically step by step. The first step is to remove the bottom chain and plates from the blinds. This will make it much easier to clean them, and will ensure that little pieces are not getting in your way, so you can get all the dirt.

Now you want to take the blinds off the top hooks, place them on top of each other as you remove each one, and then place the blinds into the washing machine. You may think that the washer would be too intense for the blinds and would ruin them, but really, as long as you put it on the gentle cycle, there should not be a problem and your blinds will come out just fine.


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