Choosing the Right Window Blinds for a Newly Decorated Room | Drapery Connection

 by NewYork Coalition

Blinds to dress your windows are great options for a new and classy look.
At some point, the look of your home can get to you. It either looks too old or has been around so long and you just aren't feeling it. Change, that's what you need. You can give an old room a facelift by updating its look. There are many ways that you can do this effectively and one simple way is by updating your  window treatments. There are many different types of window treatments available on the market today; however, blinds have proven to be very easy to utilize and their maintenance is quite minimal.

One of the best things about home improvement projects is that you have this new chance to let facets of your personality show. Your involvement in the whole decoration process can be as personal as you'd like, meaning you do all the work yourself, or you can hire on a specific contractor to make the changes for you. Either way, your redecorating vision and creativity will only be limited by how much you'd be willing to shell out to bring new life into an old room.

Home decoration projects involve the whole process of imagining what a finished room will look like, looking around for inspiration “ and perhaps saving a picture or two of styles that catch your fancy “ and jotting all these thoughts on paper. Why this is a good idea: You'll feel like wanting to put everything you see right into one project and all the great stuff you'll eventually find can be overwhelming. After you've got the basic features you'd like a room to stand out for, coordinate colors, décor and your furnishings to suit the new room's personality.

One thing that can make a room look coordinated and balanced is the use of blinds for your windows. Contrary to the cheap, old fashioned style some claim blinds contribute, the types manufactured today are strong in structure, diversified in design and elegant in feature. Your newly decorated room can use a touch of class offered by the right kind. Consider these options:

Bamboo blinds: They are lightweight yet durable with a natural appeal so if the new room is themed around rest, relaxation and natural surroundings, bamboo blinds are perfect window treatments. The kind that use cords to open and close or to pull the blinds up are great but for a more natural-oriental look, but the roll up types are even better and they add much more personality.


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