Building With Windows In Mind | Drapery Connection

 By Rosetta

There are several different styles of window treatments, such as circular, arched, eyebrow arched, or even angles.  All of them are beautiful and appealing, although very restricted when it comes to choices, especially when you are working with eyebrow and 1/4 arches.

When you are dealing with French doors there are a few things to keep in mind. The doors will normally swing open into the home, which could cause problems with the valance you use. Consider using a valance mounted to the door or allowing the doors to swing outward. When you are considering shades, blinds, or shuters, don't forget to consider the handles and

Make sure that when you are considering window treatments that you remember window placement as well. There are many restrictions when you have chair rails or base boards going around the opening of the window. There could also be a problem with the placement of the drapery as well.

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