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What's cooking in kitchens? DirectBuy of Syracuse's ˜best kitchen designer' offers suggestions for today's kitchens.


It's easy to look at one of a dozen remodeling magazines or watch HGTV and daydream about a cutting-edge kitchen of your own. Yet with all the choices and options out there, how do you decide what works best for your kitchen? As the chief kitchen designer for DirectBuy of Syracuse, Chris Yager has some invaluable insights on the designs most popular with homeowners today.

The kitchen is typically a busy family space, bill-paying center and entertaining zone. So knowing which of those things, or whatever else it is, that's important to your family will help you in planning, said Yager. While kitchens have changed quite a bit in the 25 years that I've been a kitchen designer, some things remain the same and a big one is the need for space.

Some of the trends Yager's noted, particularly during her time at DirectBuy of Syracuse within the past year, include:

  • The Boomer's Kitchen ¦ a trend reflective of an aging population and the baby boomer generation approaching retirement is an increasing demand for greater accessibility and easier mobility around the traditional work triangle - the path between the refrigerator, the food prep area, and the cooking area.
  • Eco-friendly products, like environmentally-friendly cabinets, along with advanced technology, are in and making their way into today's American kitchen.
  • Storage Storage Storage ¦ homeowners are eager to maximize the kitchen's storage space using organizational systems, stacked topper cabinets with hook lighting and slider drawers.

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