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By Candice Olson, Scripps Howard News Service October 7, 2006

Ted lives in a house that is overflowing with women. And while life with wife Jackie and their three young daughters is full of fun and frivolity, Ted had nowhere to go for a respite from the abundance of feminine energy.

He wanted to turn the home's outdated master bedroom into a space he could relax in "guy style." Jackie was all for it, but she didn't want the room to look too masculine.

So I gathered up my crew of manly men to take on this female-run household and help conquer the battle of the sexes. My challenge here was to create a place that would satisfy the masculine and feminine design aesthetics of the couple without tipping the scales in anyone's favor. Both Ted and Jackie had to feel right at home in the bedroom.

I kicked off the redesign by getting rid of everything in the dim, faded room - from the tired flowered linens to the outdated furniture - and started from scratch.

I painted the walls a calming shade of steely blue to establish the masculine tone for the room. I then balanced the blue with a feminine damask fabric in blue and cream for the draperies and the bed's new upholstered headboard and bedskirt. I also chose several masculine accent fabrics in a variety of stripes and plaids.

The room was sorely lacking in storage. How Jackie and Ted have stayed married for 13 years with only one little bedroom closet is a mystery. To help remedy the situation, I installed a roomful of custom-made cabinetry for all their storage needs.

I created a fantastic feature wall with two floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets in traditional antique white with blue detailing that flank the room's window. Beneath the window I created a little seating nook: a bench (with storage below) for nestling and reading and a heap of colored pillows for pizazz. I surrounded the area in the damask draperies.

I also installed a large dresser and big mirror in a masculine wood tone and set up two cameo chairs on either side.

When it came to lighting, I was after a little refined decadence - gender-neutral refined decadence, that is. I blended the practical with the whimsical and installed a pair of crystal-drop wall sconces over the new dresser, some conventional bedside wall lamps, a glittery fixture near the seating area and a traditional chandelier over the bed that is modern but softened with a crystal bead outline.

After a few final accents - a chocolate brown area rug, lots of framed photos of the children and some other odds and ends - the room was ready for Ted and Jackie.Ted finally has a retreat from all the females in his life, but something tells me the gals will love the room so much he'll soon have company. How divine.

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