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Window treatment is an issue and concern that many interior designers take seriously. After all, a single glimpse from the panes of a window can show any passerby the style of the house, the interests of its owners, and perhaps even the personality of the designer who conceived it all. Whether the treatment concerns drapes and lace, or flowers and sculptures, windows need to look prettier and more appealing both inside and out. One such window type is the bay window, which is growing increasingly popular in today's energy conserving, but style-oriented world.

Bay windows make a charming addition to any home. These three window-design forms, with their three-dimensional configuration, can also be a challenge to design. If you have bay windows at your house, you may be in need of bay window treatment ideas to make your bay windows appear more attractive.

You can pick up bay window treatment ideas from many sources. Your local cable television stations can provide you bay window treatment ideas through arts and crafts, or homemaking channels. You can also have bay window treatment ideas by looking at pictures or footage from celebrity homes. If you consult your local knowledge channel, you might even pick up some bay window treatment ideas from programs that advocate energy conservation. Bay windows can let in more light and allow you to save on your lighting, heating, and even cooling bills. All you need are the appropriate bay window treatment ideas to make your bay window bring in the light and show off your style.

Before you implement these bay window treatment ideas, be sure to combine them with other bay window treatment ideas that you might get from architectural journals or digests. Such publications might have good bay window treatment ideas that you could follow, along with suggestions on how to fashion your bay window so that your once plain wood and frame can make your home appear like a palace.

Because of their unique configuration, it can be difficult to find curtain rods and headings for drapes to cover and adorn bay windows. You may need to buy three different sets of poles and rods to cover all three windows. If you cannot afford heavy drapes, use simple blinds or sheer curtains to mute incoming light. If you like heavy curtains, however, invest in simple designs, since the intrinsic complexity of bay windows can make further embellishment appear overbearing.

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