6 Cool Design Tricks | Drapery Connection

Offbeat ways to beat the heat.
By Michelle Samar

We all know the dog-days of summer are upon us. More time will be spent inside than out, so here are some ideas that not only beat the heat, but will have you made in the shade.

1. Tinted Glass Instead of investing in costly and sometimes view “obstructing shutters, wood blinds or exterior sunscreens, consider tinted window film. Not only does this cut down on the harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause fade damage, but can drastically reduce the amount of heat that penetrates the glass.

Tint darkness and color vary widely as do prices. You should only attempt installation if you are an extremely talented DIY-er. I recommend leaving it to the pros.

2. Layer It Seems counterintuitive to add layers to anything in the summer, but if you have existing functional drapery panels, you may want to add a thermal interlining. Midwesterners have used this method to keep out the cold all winter long. The reverse works just as well during the summer for us desert dwellers. If hiring a professional isn't in the budget, purchase the lining at a local fabric store and fasten it yourself with an iron-on adhesive.

A more decorative option to layer with drapery panels is the classic woven Roman shade. Not only is this choice functional to keep heat and light at bay, it also adds a nice summery texture to your window décor.

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