Welcome to Drapery Connection. We are the go-to company for motorized window treatments in Barrington, Illinois, enabling you to automate and remotely control the opening and closing of your drapes, shades or blinds. Our motorized window treatments are designed to conveniently block out excessive light, enhance privacy as well as decorate a room with our exquisite designs.

Simply reach us to arrange an appointment with our service delivery experts who will design and select your motorized window treatments on site. When you choose to automate your window coverings at your home or business, you to get more privacy whenever necessary, and get protection from sun's rays, all with a tap of a button.

With our cutting-edge motorized window treatment technology, your premises become more energy efficient, your furnishings last longer, add value to your property and gives your rooms a touch of elegance.

Stylish custom motorized window coverings are a great way to add beauty to your Barrington home while modernizing your window treatments. These window coverings are convenient to use because they allow you control a room’s lighting with just a touch of a button.

Find the look that fits in perfectly with your interior décor. It’s no secret that the window coverings of a home can have a big impact on its appearance, both inside and out. The team of expert interior designers at the Drapery Connection can help you get the beautiful motorized window coverings that you had in mind, whether you desire blinds or shades. This company is a great place to turn for Barrington homeowners whose ideal color and style of motorized window treatments is proving hard to find. <\p>

Contact the experts at the Drapery Connection today by phone or online to get your free in-home appointment with an interior design expert who can help you get the look for your windows that you crave.

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